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its me

i think its a casino

la playa


well, there is some color

this is common

a vendor

en El museo del Guacho

the star shapes are called rumpecabezas, literally 'head breakers'

it's called a bridal bit



horse slippers

bolas to take down the big birds, a basket to keep the...

old women sunbathing


in case you were wondering

un cincho


what they wore

he's just 'taking it easy'

Today I explored some different sections of Montevideo. There is a coastal path were people run, walk, sunbathe, swim and fish. Today I became aware of how 'brown' things are here. Not too many contrasting colors. The ecomomic crisis which hit SA in 2001 is definitely felt down here as prices are cheap, cheap, cheap.

I went to El Museo del Gauchos today and saw some interesting artifacts related to life on the plains. There is a fine collection of stirrups, crops, saddles, bolas and other equipment. They have some sculptures and also a snoozing security guard. I tried to take a position where I could capture him just before he slid off of his chair but he would pop up occasionally and look around. As he was wearing a gun I thought I might not push my luck with an unflattering portrait.

I am taking a siesta right now as it is hot. Have a mentioned how hot it is.

I am unable to produce question marks and various other puncuation marks with this keyboard, so please bear with me here. I am using an iMac today. It would be a keen torture to impart on ones foes as a gift, because in my opinion it is alousy piece of crap. Good luck doing anything swiftly. Good luck period. With luck my photos will upload before sunrise manana. I cant even type in Spanish on this damned thing!

Ciao mis amigos.

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