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Me on long boat

funny cats

My travel companions

A big bug

local granny

to the longhouses

kids at longhouse

Wpuld this be me?

teenagers Saturday jobs - stomp the rice


Next day we continued up the river.

When we left were not sure how we would get out of there but decided to go anyway.

Some very heavy rain in the afternoon - as is usual here. it is still very muggy, but I am handling it OK. Just need to find a boat to get cooled down!!!

We passed many longhouses on the way up the river. Sat on the roof which was great.

Belaga is a village of 3,500 people and we found a very helpful local who organised the next couple of days for us.

Boat trip to 3 longhouses. As the name suggests they are many houses joined together - up on stilts. The wide veranders mean that it is actually very cool. The kids are all playing out there with the old grannies supervising. I wonder if I would be one of those if I lived here?

The adults were out in the fields as it is rice harvesting time. We also went to see this being done. As it was Saturday the kids were all helping. Just like at home they are not allowed out until the jobs are done.

See photos.

We then went up a tributory to a water fall for a swim. It was lovely and peaceful but very similar to NZ. The whole jungle really is just another name for the bush.

I can see why everyone I meet who has been to NZ says we have the best palce on earth. See my photos - this jungle could easily be in the South Island. Except for the heat, of course.

Then tramped deeper into the jungle and stayed in basic hut for the night.

We had the best smoked chicken and rice and some vege things for tea. And Tiger Beer of course.

The floor was hard but all part of the adventure. We were joined by a woman from Shanghi who was an accountant and spoke excellent English. These foriegners speak better english than we do.

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