Karen's Trip 2006 travel blog

Onto the ferry

With Victoria - UK

on the river

And the rain came

Longhouse on river bank

Change to smaller boat


Our room in Kapit


Left on a Ferry with 2 mates. We went outo the sea for about halh an hour and saw many barges carrying logs and ather goods. The logging is sad but giving some wealth to the country - so???

The air con inside was again freezing so spent the time outside. I don't know why thewy think we will melt.

A few other tourists to swap notes with.

The rivers are wide and muddy. Very much like NZ rivers after a lot of rain. I was told by a local that they were clear and blue before all the logging. Seems a shame.

We had 15 miutes to change onto a smaller boat. Very long, narrow and surprisingly fast. It was full of locals as there are no roads. Teenagers in the back seat laughing and having fun just like at home.

Met Walter Italian miner who is really well travelled and had been based in Zimbabwi for many years ()60ish) So joined up with us for a couple of days. it makes things cheaper and more fun and I definiely feel more relaxed and safer in a group.

Arrived at Kapit very tired but happy after about 9 hours all up. Got a room which was pretty basic but had an ensuite. The shower was cold and over the toilet but all the luxury we needed.. It has been nice to share the travels with 2 others. At this stage I am quite happy to just tag along with their plans.

Out to the markets to eat local kai. $2.50 gets a great feed here even if we don't really know what we are getting until it arrives.


Take sleeping bag into boats so hyperthemia dosen't kill me. That would be really silly to get in the middle of the tropics!!!!

I keep thinking that Garry would not have liked it here. Too messy and disorganised. No-one has definite information about anything. The buses and boats coem when they arrive and we get a different answer form everyone about how long a journey will take

But I am OK with that.

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