Antarctica January 2006 travel blog

AKADEMIK IOFFE and penguin

Prof. Ioffe studied physics in Munich in the 30ties

"Akademik Ioffe" in the middle of "Drake Passage"

Leave me alone! I'lI go and get more food!

Diving is fun!!

Look at those whales!

There he goes!

Allun, our fearless Welshman

Shirly-our good guide for almost everything

"Ziggy" - fell into Penguin guana. Phew!

Where is the next creature?

A Giant Jellyfish !!! About Four Feet across!

Beautiful Evening: At about 11pm

Unspoiled wildernes? Well almost 90 years ago!

OhOooh! One down, but there is help!

Zodiak or Kayak: your choice!

Hello, we've been wait'n ver ya!

AKADEMIK IOFFE and first launch

Kevin and Kay on Board

Miriam on Board as well !

Shaun from Australia getting ready !

Steve from Queens , ready for the Kayak

And Off they are!

This is the beginning of the ship travel


our trip into Antarctica was fabulous !

We boarded the "Akademik Ioffe", a russian science ship!

We left Ushuaia at about 6pm (18.00 hours)

After sailing through the Beagle Channel you get into the open sea,

or "Drake Passage", the divide between the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Lemaire Channel was our first destination on the Antarctic Peninsula!

This took a whole night, a whole, rather stormy day and another night(700 miles)!

Davida and I put "Scopalomine" patches behind our ears.

The ones who didn't, could be seen only for brief moments if at all,

for the next day or so (sea sickness)!

After the Drake Passage we had the most spectacular weather one can wish for: the

pictures are proof !

Now we sailed for 10 days to:

Lemaire Channel, with the Ukrainian Vernadski Station

Bismarck Strait

Bryde Island

Paradise Harbour

Deception Island

Halfmoon Island

Bransfield Strait

South Shetland Islands with Bellinghausen Station !

Now back to Ushuaia, again crossing Drake Passage, past Cape Horn,

another day and night, yet less turbulent than on the way down.

We arrived after breakfast at around 10 AM!

We flew back to Buenos Aires that same evening, spending 6 hours at the airport!

(see picture) and flew to Montevideo the next morning (4 days).

Our last visit was to a vinyard 30 km outside Montevideo and then 11hours

flight back to Dallas, TX and 2hours to Albuquerque, NM!

We will update this site frequently, so please visit us often!

Hasta la vista!

Gunther & Davida

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