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Kiluea's collapsed hole (oo-er missus!)

Sulpher so good!! (bum bum!) Spot the sulpher clouds in the back...

ROAD BLOCK! The most recent flow from the Pu'u O'O vent of...

The Lava tunnel

The new coastline that's been created over the last century (the newest...

What a rebel that lava is, no regard for the rules!

The edge of the crater, with Mount Loa in the background

Aloha Folks!

Well, I was up at crack of bird fart this morning, because I was getting picked up by the tour company for my trip to The Big Island, Hawai'i. They took us to the airport, where we got onto one of those lil' propeller things (yup, my arsehole disappeared into my body when I saw it, never mind heard about it!!) The flight, however, was n't bad (we landed in one piece!) so they got two hearty thumbs way way up!

We were picked up at the airport by our tour guide Steve. He was good. He had loads of info about everything. The history, the geology etc etc. However, this tour was one of those tourist traps. You know the ones where they leave what you want to do till last, but take you to all of the things that you don't want to do first cause they get commission on it. Yup, I went to an Orchid market (!) A Macademia nut factory (!!) A supermarket called Hilo Hattie's (where I also got a free Lei - pronounced Lay (easy....) - but a flower/shell Lei!!!) I ended up with a packet of macademia nuts cos I hadn't eaten (thought that they'd let us stop for brekkie), but we didn't eat till 2pm!! Mind you we did get to sit looking out over the main volcanoe crater!! It was awesome!

Believe it, or not. That volcanoe is not the biggest on the island, Mount Loa is. I think that there should be a picture with it in the background towering over everything else!

Anyway, we got to do a lot of walking and drivng through lava fields, young and old. It was amazing to see the contrast between the old and the new flows, cos the old ones had plants and trees growing through them, whereas the new ones had just started to crack up, or were still settling. I wanted to bring home a piece of pumice (well, it's there in abundance!) but apparently, there's meant to be a curse on it via Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of the volcanoes. If you remove anything from the volcanoes you will suffer bad luck. (nice!) The driver said that if we wanted to we could, but he also told us that the park gets som many pieces returned, including volcanic sand, every year, due to the bad luck that people have experienced! (twilight zone!!)

Steve drove us down into the body of the crater, and it was weird! It was still active because all around us, you could see the sulpher being emitted! It smelt really bad. A bit like the bog of eternal stench, from Labyrinth! SMELL BAD!! There were also loads of craters around the park, from where various explosions had happened. It was bizarre!

At one of the stops, we went into a museum, which was set up by the founder of the volcanoe early warning system, and it showed that there had been loads of mini earthquakes around Kiluea today!! Apparently, that means that its building up to a major explosion again - glad I'm out of here tomoz!

The flight back was horrendous! There was loads of turbulence, which doesn't seem that bad, but when you're in a lil propeller plane, it ain't good!! I have never prayed so much in my life, and I don't think that I was the only one either!! Anyway, thankfully, we made it back in one piece - JOY! But I ain't gonna fly in one of those things again!!

Well folks, I'm gonna go, so till next time T.T.F.N Ta ta for now!!

Chaz x

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