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Well we survived the hurricane! Nothing much really ended up happening here in Tulum, in fact there was less rain and wind durring the hurricane warning than on a normal day. We were prepared though, we had plenty of supplies to last us a few days, and even taped plastic over the windows of our hotel room.

After the hurricane was clear of our area, we headed down to the beach to see how it had held up. We had been spending most of our days at a place called Pardiso, which had a beach side bar and restaurant with shade umbrellas, music, and a perfect beach. It was sad to return and see the dammage. Much of the sand had been washed away. The water had totally overtaken the bar, even bending and mutilating the metal security doors. Many of the palm frond umbrellas had been toppled and destroyed, and all of the sand that many of the palm trees were rooted in had been washed away revealing their roots. There was a recked boat, half sunk out in the water with a large chunk of it left sitting on the shore. We still go there, but even now the water is very choppy from the now dead hurricane.

The women who run L'Hotelito, where we have been staying, were absolutely wonderful. They changed our room to one with a secure roof, took us in their car to a local supermarket where they helped us pick out supplies. They told us that even if the hurricane was very bad and they had to retreat to some underground bunker, that we would go with them. They made us feel like family. There is a chef who works in the restaurant there who has cooked us the best meals. I had the lobster tail last night. Everything about my stay there has been wonderful, but sadly my time there and with my Italian friends is coming to an end.

As our plans go, my girlfriend Becky will be joining me on my trip on the 19th. I was supposed to return on the 20th, but pushed it back to the 29th so that I can hang out with Becky and see the solstice at Chichen Itza. The pyramid at Chichen Itza was built at such an angle that when the sunrises on the solstice, the steps of the pyramid create a shadow of a snakes back that alligns perfectly with the stone serpent heads at the bottom of the pyramid, creating a giant Quetzalcotal, mayan serpent god. Thousands of people come to see this, and yet somehow I was able to reserve a room at the Piramide Inn again!

So on the 18th I will say farewell to my Italian amigos and head north to meet Becky in Cancun on the 19th. The next day we will head to Piste to see the the Solstice sunrise on the 21st and from there we will go wherever we feel like....I don't ever want to go home.

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