Heather's Paris Adventure travel blog

Megan my kick ass roomy

Antoinette and Emina

megan again

Claire (Alex and megan are in the background also the royal guarde...

claire and megan- sitting in a park near the catacombs

Alex...getting ready to walk the 100+ stairs down into the catacombs...scary!

clair thinks she see somthing but really its just a whole lotta...

megan, rachel, alex, claire, and kisha

oh no watch out! I think alex is falling and claire looks...

Pamela and Hae In

glam claire

dave and claire

claire's room

brigitte, claire, and me

aw look at the girls

me and the brits at mardi gras

brigitte, me, and megan

mardi gras

ok megan we'll turn the lights off again


what you lookin at?

oh yeah! sing it to me baby

ok this is what happens at the end of the night on...

yes claire its a cucumber!

how cute

go claire awesome pic of Alex

Alex meet someone special in Bayeux


gotta lov those norwegian's

claire's foot...when was this taken?

night out, havin fun

claire and pete

DJ Claire St Patty's day

Jason and Cassy

st patttys day

way too much guinness...is there really ever too many?

claire enjoying a guinness

unibomber Derrick...wow look at those devil eyes!

st pattys dancing party...dont worry it picked up after a while.

Jhell (sounds like shell not quite sure how to spell those Norwegian...

aka drunk guy singing away

more singing and dancing

Jason 1

Jason 2

Jason 3

dying brigittes hair!! look how creative we can get!

claire showing her creative side

ahh the finished product!

meg at cheese tasting night...yeah I was there but NO cheses for...


me and Ida in Amdam

kickin it with cameron

liberty bear...in berlin


Hae In and I


hangin out on the canal

Chris at parc montsouris

picnic at parc montsouris


Hae In and I

out on an excursion

in strasbourgh

megan, me, and arch prof waiting to go into the Opera...Courtney Love...

Hae In and I in the Opera Garnier

Alex, me, Brigitte, and Claire...haning out in the Louvre

Megan, Hae In, and Me in Paris

waiting for the metro

hot chocolate at Angelina's

hot chocolate at Angelina's

on the patio/ roof of the suite at the Hotel where they...

in front of Notre Dame

girls out on the town

alex, megan, hae in, claire

me and claire

me and megan

me and megan




Camdiggity and me

Nathan and Chris


Nicolas and me

It's the people you bring into your life that make it special. Here are a few of the people that made my experience abroad simply fabulous!

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