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After two sleeps I have almost forgotten what happened in Mancora. I'm sure that means there is something psychologically wrong with me! I feel really lucky. I'm sure I'm down to about 6 lives now (9 minus a few car accidents and Mancora):)

Lima sucks. It's very dangerous and heavily polluted. The security guards at all the hotels even write down the license plate numbers of taxi cabs who pick up hotel guests!Apparently, it`s common to be robbed at gunpoint by your taxi driver. As soon as the sun goes down, I`m back at my hotel. You`re not safe anywhere, on the street, in a cab... It`s insane!

We're stuck here two nights and will be picking up 12 new people tomorrow.

I've decided I hate Peruvian men. They`re constantly sizing you up. All of the girls in my group feel unsafe, almost like we are prey. It's an awful feeling.

The men are so creepy. They don`t stare, but leer, cat call, whistle and yell when you walk by. I don't get it. There are so many hoochie mamas around, who are practically naked, and obviously don't mind the attention. All of us have been wearing pants and keeping our shoulders covered, etc, but it doesn't matter. We haven't come across very many tourists, so if you are white you really stand out.

Between what happened in Mancora and the constant harrassment of the men, particulary in Lima, Tiffany decided to go home early. She was supposed to finish in Rio at the end of March. In some ways I can't say I blame her. I only have a few weeks left, so I'll be fine, but I couldn't spend months like this. It's very stressful being on guard all the time. You feel like you may have to assume a fighting stance at a moment's notice. What kind of fun is that?

Now I really notice the difference between Ecuador and Peru. The people are so much nicer and laid back in Ecuador. I never felt in danger there. Peru, however, is a whole different story. I can't see myself ever coming back here again.

Everthing is better now. The hostel owners in Mancora sent my passport to me. I bought a new camera and got some cash from Visa. So, I'm all set and really looking forward to trekking to Machu Picchu. I hope it's worth it!

My website closes on February 22nd. I can't renew it because my credit card had to be cancelled. Anyways, feel free to drop me a line at I'll be home on March 4th.

Changfoot - I`m thinking of doing the bootcamp session starting on March 20th... interested?

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