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Stu has been clever enough to borrow a friend's holiday house in Portsea, so we head down the Mornington Peninsula to chill out for a couple of days.

The Mornington Peninsula is a great place that covers all the important activities one might want - surf beaches, bay beaches, world class golf courses and excellent pubs overlooking the sea. What more could you ask for? It's also very pretty countryside.

The house is a great place right on the border of The Mornington Peninsula National Park, near Portsea Back Beach and is just perfect. After living out of the back of the truck for weeks, it's nice to have somewhere to spread out and laze about in.

Portsea itself is pretty small, but has amaaazing houses with what looks like views to die for. This is where the seriously wealthy Melbournites come to play in summer and the "holiday houses" look more like stately homes, all stone and hedge.

Portsea also boasts a fabulous pub that looks over the bay beach - a big pub with a fine expanse of lawn leading to it. This is a place you could lose more than a summer afternoon at. We have lunch at the pub and a swim at the bay which is pretty chilly but beautifully clear. In the afternoon we check out the back beaches of Sorrento and Portsea, but the waves are pretty messy and wild, and no-one is out there braving them. We decide it's best to head back to the house for a relax and a beer or two.

The next day the waves are still looking not what we're after so we decide that it's probably best to use our time wisely checking out the wineries. We head towards Arthur's Seat, in the middle of the Peninsula, which seems to have several of the wineries we want to visit clustered around. It is a beautiful place to drive around, woody and hilly and very relaxed. We stop at Stonier's to start as I've always been a bit of a fan of their pinot noir, and then we visit some wineries we haven't heard of before - Pier 10, Tuck's Ridge. These are smaller wineries, but they have some great products and we end up stocking up on some pink champagne (sounds awful, but bloody beautiful) from Pier 10, and a cheeky chardo and pinot noir from Tuck's Ridge. A few more wineries then it's off home to cook up a BBQ and enjoy some of the spoils we've collected that day.

Next day, we're due back in Melbourne in the evening, but decide to have a wander around the area - Sorrento, the next town along is a great little town and has all the services you need, teeming with cafes, pubs and the very necessary homewares and clothes shops that seem to sprout in these areas like a rash. It's also got a bit of a convict feeling, with lovely stone buildings from the 1800s dotted around. Well worth a visit.

Friday night and we're back at Belsie's who is a goddess for putting up with our comings and goings and still offering her spare room. Bels is off home first thing in the morning and we need to get ready to head to Tassie so it's a quick dinner and an early night.

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