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Vegas as we saw it after a few drinks

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Leaving Las Vegas, Hwy 15 to Zion

Vegas, vegas, vegas. What can i say about Vegas? It was grand, it was excessive and it looked heaps better at night. And the machines ate my money relentlessly.

We got to vegas late, it was about 10.30pm before we'd booked in and managed to get food, it was a Monday night and fairly quiet. We did have a great time and as promised there was free booze as you crammed your money into the slots even though our efforts to bribe the waitress with tips so she'd come back more were wasted.

La managed to attract the attention of some American idol contestants, one of which was a Snoop Dog clone, and she was serenaded by him as she loaded up with crabs legs. Seems she's not into stick men with huge egos. lucky says me, leaning back and patting my belly. Every time I turned my back she'd have guys swoop down to try their luck.

So we had a few drinks and checked out the casinos surrounding the MGM building where we stayed. They all look so cool from the outside, but I found myself disappointed when I walked in and was like, oh, its just another casino with slots as far as the eye can see. But they were amazing, spectacular and glamorous, and I had a blast with a gorgeous girl sitting on my lap as I played blackjack and drank G&Ts.

A show would have been nice, a swim in the 6 acres of hotel pool would have been sweet as the tempreature ouside was almost hot, even at 3 in the morning The water features and buildings were mind blowing but it was a strange place of fascades, a city filled with transients and on the Monday night we were there, after too much travel and not enough sleep, it all seemed a bit hollow and the 5 hours we messed around and explored were probably enough.

As for our friend George? well as we left we heard he was there, speaking to the military boys stationed in the desert around Vegas, trying to swing their vote. I've heard though that they dont care much for him. Guess they can see through the media a bit easier than youre average American, and they realise he dont care for them or any of the other little guys. Unfortunatley Kerry is flopping about like a limp fish and isnt inspiring too many people either.

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