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Diamond Head Crater - an extinct volcanoe (thank god!)

Banyon trees (those branches root into the ground and form another trunk!)

The Banyon Tree x2

Waikiki Beach

Sunset on Waikiki Beach


For those of you who can remember it, this is the "From...

The Beach - Deep Joy!

The Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour. (that's the USS Missouri in the...

Spot the oil slick thats still escaping from the Arizona 60 years...

A visible part of the Arizona

Spot the turtle! (the island tour group)

the girls from the dorm. L to R: Katharina - German; Angela...


Yup, i made it! I'm staying at a hostel a block and a half away from Waikiki Beach and its HOT!! its a beautiful place though. On one side you have turquoise blue waters and on the other side these lucious green mountains! Unbelievable!

The first night that I was here, i went with Katarina, German girl from my dorm, down to the beach, where they've got a free hula show every night! It was really good. Lots of dancing, and singing by the oldies, the middlees and the littlees!!

Yesterday, I went on a tour round the island with the hostel. We started at 10am and didn't get back till 8.45pm!! The people on the tour consisted of nearly all of the girls from my dorm, and one lad. The tour guide, Jack, was excellent. He took us to loads of Non tourist trap areas, the beautiful rugged areas, real Hawaii. He told us about the flora and fauna and the geology of the place. We got to see Diamond head mountain - an old inactive volcanoe, the blow hole (easy you dirty minded people not that type of blow hole!!) Large green turtles, the del monte plantation - where Jack stole a pineapple which we all ate on the beach later!! if he'd been caught it would have cost him $25,000!! Thanks to Mr Del Monte for a truly sweet tasting Pineapple on the house!! We also got to swim in waves ranging from 5ft to 7ft!! And they'd start a metre from the beach if that!! Quite scarey! One caught me unaware knocked me on the back of the head and threw me into shore!! I had to use my foot as a break - which was v v v painful! i have friction burn on my foot!!

At the end of the day we watched the sunset on sunset beach, whilst eating fruit, drinking and tossing a frisbee! I was also taught how to throw an american football, but I still prefer the round ball (easy........)

Today, me, Kat and Laidi (chinese lady in the dorm) went to Pearl Harbour. It was very moving. It was one of those places where you just didn't want to talk, because you felt disrespectful. It was a really strange thing to witness. Everyone on the tour was, not exactly awe struck, more lost for words. I can't describe it. The eariest thing was seeing the oil slick on the water that is still leaking from the Arizona 60 years later! It is a beautiful mon ument and well worth a visit if you ever get the chance.

Well, I'm out for dinner tonight with the girls from the dorm. Cheap and cheerful is the motto!! Have also booked on to a tour to the Big Island, Hawaii, where I will get to see the active volcanoe - Joy! (Anyone up for a barbie?????)

Well, I'm gonna go, cos I'm being a cheeky byactch and am using the computer in the apple mac chop for free!! So till next time folks, IBCINYA!!

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