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Asian Wild Dog

Asian Wild Dog


Normally the Lonely Planet guidebooks mention everything you might need to know about a place but Khao Yai National Park could do with a bit of a rewrite to be honest, especially as it says it is Thailand's most visited park!

An express train got us to Pak Chong, then a sawngthaew took us to the parks gate. It was there we discovered that the visitors centre you had to go to book anything was 14 kms into the park and that they thought we should hitchhike there. Whilst we were at the gate only two cement trucks went by - not much hitchhiking going on there. Instead we had to pay one of the staff $10 to take us in. At the VC we found out that the basic $20 bungalows were a further 4kms in which might have been okay except the only place to eat is at the VC so we'd have had to keep hitching or walking back between the two during our stay. This is obviously a park you need your own transport for or just do a tour from town. In the end we paid another $25 to be ferried around at scheduled times by taxi which is not what we had hoped for at all.

The National park itself is very pretty, home to the waterfall in The Beach as well as many others and also many animals. We saw a few in our short time there ; porcupine, deer, wild boar and Asian wild dog. It is well worth coming here but to fully enjoy it at your own pace you definitely need some wheels, something we wish we'd known about earlier.

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