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MGM during evening


Excalibur at night

New York, New York at Night


Sphinx at Luxor

We made another foray into the city this past week and really enjoyed ourselves. We boarded a road trolley at the Hilton and hopped off at the Bally's stop where we walked to Vegas' Paris complex and enjoyed a great buffet at The Village. If other buffets here are even half as good as the one at The Village, we're going to need much bigger clothes before long! We referred to it as a "20-mile" buffet because we estimated we would have to walk 20 miles to burn off the calories we consumed during the feast. We also walked and walked and walked . . . the MGM's never-ending casino. We had no idea it was so large (see photo). Then we headed across the street to New York, NY, Excalibur, and the Luxor. The Luxor is another of those places that are just too incredible for words to describe. Seeing the Sphinx, Pyramid, and other Egyptian monuments and structures in the Luxor leaves you in stunned silence. Colossal beauty and magnificence seem to combine there like no other place we have seen. Anyhow, after about 8 hours of touring (mostly walking), we headed home, a little weary but amazed and wondering how long it will take us to really get the flavor of this extraordinary city. Stay tuned.

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