My Masala: 2006 Trip to India travel blog

Today we slept late and got ready to meet our 12 new travel buddies for the next 10 days. We were both so excited because our China group was fantastic. I must say, Val & I were slightly disappointed that we were both the youngest people and that the trip was composed of a more sedate group, but we have each other and will make the best of it. After a brief meeting we set out for Jami Masjid, the Muslim temple in Old Delhi. Up until this point we'd only been in "new" Delhi, so we thought Old would mean more calm. HA! The next hour spent touring mosque was fantastic, the locals were very friendly and it was peaceful. But we were soon catapulted into the CHAOS that is truly what you think of when you think of India: masses of crowds in the streets, elephants, cows, carts loaded with goods, bikes, some cars and masses of people all trying to get somewhere, not very quickly! I have to say, this was one experience I will never forget. We tried to tour some markets (spices, food, jewelry), but it was really dangerous. I am not kidding, we stepped into the spice market and Val got run over buy a huge pushcart, and we decided to bail. I got some great photos though, and cannot wait to share them so you believe me that this situation actually exists. One shopping was over, we visited a Sikh temple, called a Gurdwara. What an interesting religion! They had a kitchen for the poor to eat in, and we toured it and saw them making bread and other "Holy food".

That night we were all too exhausted from the sensory overload, so we had a quick dinner before our 7AM departure to Jaipur.

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