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Hello all, Don here with another update.

I tried updating the website in Tezpur a few days back but they have power outtages quite frequently here. So I'll try and recap some of the past events.

Tezpur, the city of blood.

We spent 3 wonderful nights in Tezpur. Many fun things happened. Nathan and I spoke at Tezpur University and met all sorts of great people there. We answered questions about GPS, E-Mail, and many other topics.

My host in Tezpur who's name is Dr. Gogoi is in fantastic shape. Especially considering he is over 60 years old. Much of this is due to his excersize,meditation, yoga routine. He invited me to go with him on his daly jaunt.

His routine starts at 4:30 AM which is no less than 50 minutes before the sun rises. I joined him my second day in Tezpur and although it was incredibly hard to get out of bed that early, it was well worth the experience of seeing the sunrise over the mighty Brahmaputra river while excersizing.

One day we took a day trip to an Ecco Camp and spent the morning rafting down the river and had a nice lunch at the camp. All of us enjoyed that quite a bit. It was great fun to spend a day on the river.

After our stay in Tezpur we were headed to the wildlife reserver named Kazaringa. The reserver is highly regarded all over the world for its population of One Horned Rhino's as well as its Elephant's, Buffalo's, Deer, and many other animals.

We arrived there on Sunday afternoon for a few days off from the official rotary program.

The time off was very much appreciated. All of us got some much needed rest and also got to spend some time with each other without being the center of attention.

Monday morning we got up at 4:15 AM to go on a 5:15 AM elephant ride. What a great way to see the sunrise. I never imagined that I'd watch the sunrise on an elephant in India on a Safari with rhinos running around. It was pretty darn cool.

That was our pregrame for the super bowl!

Nathan and I were destined to find a place to try and watch the game after we got off of the elephants. We figured it would have been about half time by the time we found a TV.

There were no TV's in our lodge. So we starting walking the streets near our place. Popping our head in every hotel and lodge, asking if they had a TV. Everybody told us there wasn't a TV to be found. We didn't believe them, so we kept looking and asking. Finally after abuot 30 minutes we felt a bit deflated and decided to give up and started to walk back to our room.

As we walked down the street we came upon a house where gentlemen was sitting on the front porch. We asked him if he knew where we could find a TV. He replied that he in fact had one in his home and then proceeded to invite us in. We explained to him that we wanted to watch the Super Bowl and he knew exactly what we were talking about. He plugged in his tv, turned it to ESPN World and whalllah...we were watching the Suprer Bowl live as it was happening. Only we were in North East India essentially in a wild life reserve.

He then proceeded to offer us tea (which we never pass up) and watched the third quarter of the game. Because it was Monday morning at about 7:00 AM and his children were getting ready for school he asked us if we would mind watching the forth quarter elsewhere. He called one of the hotels and arranged a place for us to view the game there. So we said our goodbyes and thanked him and his family for letting us in his home and went on our marry way.

We went to this hotel and watched the game up until the 2 minute warning (on the dot) and the power went out so we couldn't finish the game. It didn't really matter though. We still got to watch the Super Bowl in India.

Where were you for the big game?

Thanks for reading,


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