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Thredbo in spring is really quite beautiful and obviously very different from the crazy winter months. It's still quite chilly, but there's a very laidback feel to the place, and the countryside is all alpine summery.

We drive up from the Murray via Mulwala along the Alpine Way through Khancoban - the scenery is amazing, but the road is windy, steep and decidedly treacherous in a lot of places. Despite the beauty of the drive, I'm pretty relieved when we get to Thredbo mid-afternoon.

We stop at Tom Groggan's and find it alive with roos - we spot our first joeys in pouch. Kangaroos are certainly cute but they are either fearless or not very bright, because it doesn't seem to occur to them that we may well be a threat.

We're staying at Kiama Lodge, which is virtually empty, with Dubes who is a member. It's all very exciting to get there and see him and of course the first thing we do is head to Bernti's for a beer and to discuss the plan of attack. As far as the blokes are concerned we are primarily here to murder some trout, so of course a battle plan needs to be discussed in great depth. A few beers later, we head on to Cascades for dinner, then back to Bernti's till closing (which is some ungodly hour well past midnight) for a few more quiet ales and a chat with the locals. Then it's back to the lodge for a nightcap or five. We end up welcoming the dawn before getting to bed. This leg of the trip is looking dangerous.

Later that day is a slow start, but Stu and Dubes eventually head out to hunt trout on the Thredbo River. By the time they get back it's dark and we're back to Cascades again for dinner as everything else is closed. We need a good night's sleep for the proposed trout massacre to take place the next day on Lake Eucumbene.

Early the next morning we head to Lake Eucumbene, about two hours from Thredbo, to hire a boat from Angler's Reach, right on the banks of the lake. Angler's Reach exists solely for the purpose of trout fishing - it seems to consist of a general store/fuel stop, a caravan park and some fishing huts - no coffee shops or other comforts here.

Lake Eucumbene is a huge man-made lake and is rumoured to be teeming with trout, so we're all feeling quite optimistic. Dubes has the onerous job of rigging up all the fishing lines for us as Stu and I are novices, and we head off to commit carnage. It's a long day with not enough bites and when the weather turns nasty late arvo I'm pretty much ready to concede defeat, but the boys wont hear of it. The tally ends up with Dubes at three trout, Stu with two and I'm nil. I did get a serious bite at the end of the day, but when I reel it in all I find is the lure missing. It's been good fun, but it's late and dark and we're pretty buggered and the drive back to Thredbo in the dark is a long one for Dubes. It's way too late to be cooking up the catch, so Stu produces the goods with a cheeky nachos and we fall into bed about midnight.

On Wednesday we catch up with Stu's parents, Barry & Betsy, who are staying in Thredbo with 16 of their friends. They invite us to a wine tasting night at their lodge, which sounds very pleasant and refined and we don't want to outstay our welcome so we decide to visit for an hour or so. Ah, the best laid plans ... we end up staying till 11ish, getting absolutely pie-eyed in the process. Very good fun. Stu has prepared dinner so we head home for a very late one and, of course, another wine or 10 with Caz, the lovely manager at the lodge. Thredbo in summer is no good for your liver.

Not surprisingly Thursday is another late start and we have to prepare for the trip to Eucumbene River where we'll be catching up with a bunch of Dubes' fishing mates for true fishing massacre. Stu continues his culinary excellence with a delish pepper steak and we get ready for the trip. Been quite a luxury to have beds and showers and toilets and so on, but it's time to get back out to roughing it.

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