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It took us 9 hours by bus to get to Cuenca, the third largest city in Ecuador. Cuenca is considered to be the most attractive of Ecuador's cities and is called the `Athens of the Andes'. I can certainly understand why. The architecture is stunning. Most of the streets in Cuenca are made of cobblestone, its buildings have an old colonial look with colorful balconies.

One of the problems with Cuenca is that restaurants are few and there isn't much to do. For example, Tiffany and I spent an hour trying to find a place to have lunch one day. If you are into seeing churches, which I am not, the only other tourist thing to do is learn how Panama hats are made. One day is enough here.

One thing that is unusual are the stores. The combinations of goods being sold are quite strange. For example, a store may sell motorcycles and washer and dryers or shoes and underwear.

The next day we went to Ingapirca, roughly translated as 'Inca Wall'. Built during the Inca expansion into Ecuador toward the end of the fifteenth century, it's Ecuador's only major Inca ruins. Again, I did have some phenomenal pictures, but there are gone... trying to drum some up, but I've attached some from the internet.

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