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Dubbo is a big country town and in November it is hot and sticky. Unfortunately there's no national park to camp in around the town, so we're reduced to choosing one of the five caravan parks in town. I know these places are handy and well equipped etc, but to us they're just plain weird, as are the folks who spend the majority of their holidays in them. It's our first introduction to crazy caravan park folk and it's scary. An elderly couple wandering at dusk decide to drop in and chat ... and don't stop for a good half hour. I'm not sure exactly what they were talking about but it seemed to involve their next door neighbour's pool and its benefits. Supressed the urge to suggest perhaps they bugger off back to it. I'm sure they were very pleasant and friendly, but their tenaciousiousness was a bit scary and in the end I have to make excuses to get rid of them before Stu kills them with his death stares. and don't move on till I excuse myself to get water and Stu gives them death stares. Make quick mental note to stay out of caravan parks as much as possible in future.

It's hot and sticky and not much life in a caravan park so we go to bed early to the lull of semis flying down Newell Highway.

The weather isn't any cooler when we wake up, so we decide to make short work of packing up so we can get to the zoo before it gets too hot. The zoo is very cool. You can drive around it or hire bikes - which we do - and ride round it. The animals are kept in as realistic enclosures as the environment the animals would find themselves in the wild and they all look fairly contented - except perhaps for the Russian horses who originally hail from the frozen steppes of Siberia. They look like they think they've landed on Mars.

The cheetahs are amazing to see close up - so lanky and groovy, the lions are loafing about and shagging and I've bunged my shins so many times on the bike pedals I've got bruises coming up like a leopard.

Zoo done we head into Dubbo for some maintenance work - I get my first set of proper you beaut Blunnies (well, Rossis actually) and a stop into the camp store for various supplies - including super daggy, beekeeper mesh face protectors. The flies are really, really getting to us.

Next stop is West Wyalong to visit Stu's mate Speedie and his family who are in the middle of harvest. We go through lovely countryside - past the Dish at Parkes, through Forbes where my dad was born and which is a lovely old town and finally to Speedie's farm about 80km out of West Wyalong, which for city slickers like us, is about as far from nowhere as we've been so far.

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