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It's true - sleepy Coonabarabran in the middle of NSW has some of the tastiest chilli squid I've ever tasted.

We've ended up here because we're tired from driving, and more importantly Aust are playing the Poms at some ungodly hour and Stu is determined to watch it, so we book into a motel and head out to see the bright lights of Coonabarabran on a Saturday night. It doesn't take long - it's a sleepy little town and even the pub we go to doesn't have much atmosphere. This could be of course that we're in the wrong pub as the chick at the motel points out that there's only really one that tourists should go to. I'm intrigued by what goes on behind the doors at the other two licensed establishments but we decide after a beer to head for nosh instead.

And that's when we find out that the local Chinese is very, very good. We're only one of three tables in what is a cavernous room filled with chinese carvings. To be honest, we've come in here as big city snobs to turn our noses up at the sweet & sour pork and chicken with cashew nuts, but we are seriously suprised by how good the food is. If you're in Coonabarabran, you MUST stop at this place - can't remember the name but you'll see it on the main road. Tops!

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