Jill and Tom's 2007 travels travel blog

Jill and her sister Anne with their new friend

CJ boarding down the road, that crazy kid

Tai chi Jill

Tom doing what he always seems to be doing

the birthday kids - CJ and Paige

Don't push tooo hard!! OK, OK, put yur dang feet in the...

You decide - is tyler asleep or.....??????

So this week, there was no climbing through windows, on top of tables or marriage proposals. To liven things up, we went to the casino's in North Lake Tahoe, with our remnant change from the cottage we had moved out of. We started with Jill winning at the slots, then slowly we both gave it back. Tom made a bad bet on a basketball game and then it was time for blackjack. Remembering the guidelines from a booklet we had bought the previous year, and won with, Jill sat at the table awaiting cards. Tom offered (unsolicited) advice on how much to bet. In ten minutes, we had doubled our money and left. OK, it was only $80, but our hearts raced long after we left the table and that was worth the memory alone.

Our visitor's included Greg and Mary who came for a fun day in the snow. Greg and Jill snowboarded and Mary and Tom XC skiing. All at the same place no less. Now there wasn't as much apres ski activity as planned. I think all day on the slopes with a bunch of new powder had something to do with it. Great fun!

At the weekend, Jill's sister's Paige and Anne arrived with their husbands Tyler and Chris. Saturday was a very wintery day, with lot's of snow. So it was a snow play day near Tyler's parents cabin. And the photo's - from Tyler's camera, are of the day. It was also Paige and Chris's birthday, well not exactly, but close enough. A great dinner, several beverages and a fierce game of scrabble rounded out the celebration. Then Sunday, Jill and the gang were off to the slopes for an epic day of powder. Thanks for the laughs kids!

And now onto our final week in the snow,

Jill and Tom

And to Liz, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

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