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Roots of Walking Tree

We left Misahualli early in the morning and took a 2 hour boat ride into the Amazon. We stayed at a rustic lodge run by locals. Soon after arriving, we went to meet a local family. There, we met the local Shaman and learned about his practises. One of the girls volunteered to help him demonstrate what he does. Basically, he smokes pot and shakes leaves around her head. Towards the end he would inhale some pot and then cough it up and blow it into her head. I did have an excellent video clip, but it's gone....

We then went back to the lodge for lunch and a siesta. I could easily adopt a Latin American lifestyle with daily siestas! Lunch was awful. It was basically just noodles and carrots and coke.

In the afternoon we went for a 2 hour hike and learned about indigeous trees and plants, many of which are used for medicinal purposes. The poor quality by of the soil combined with the struggle for the sunlight have created some unique adaptations amongst the plants/trees in the jungle, the best example of which is the tree known as the walking tree. Inspired by a need for more light, the tree lets roots on one side die off and grows new ones in the direction it wants to go. A typical walking tree walks upto 40 cms in its life time.

After the hike we went tubing down the river for about 2 hours. It was a lot of fun, but could have been more treacherous! We weren't given enough warning about where we should stop. At the last minute we wer flagged down, but it was too late. Most of the group ended up floating past the lodge and down the river. Tiffani and I and a few others ended up being able to swim into the current and make it to land while the others had to be "rescued" by boat. I can certainly understand how people can drown in strong currents.

Our sleeping arrangements are horrible. Tiffany and I are in bunkbeds. I made the mistake of calling shotgun for the top bunk. The top bunk which has a mosquito net about 3 feet above the mattress. I literally felt like I was sleep├Čng in a coffin. It's actually kind of dangerous getting in and out of bed. To get into bed I need to dive under the mosquito net! I also had great pictures of our bunks as well, but they're gone.... We were quite tuckered out bt the end of the day. Tiffany and I were the first to go to bed at 8:15.

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