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We went on a four hour hike with the Shaman in the morning. It was just pouring. First, we hiked to what was supposed to be a really neat cave. However, one detail was left out: the only way to enter it is to crawl through a narrow hole in the ground on your stomach! Since I was already really dirty and had been hiking for hours, I was going to see thay cave. It turned out to be nothing special. We saw poisonous scorpions and bats.

The hike was quite challenging. Not only was I wearing boots which were two sizes to big (someone stole mine), but it was extremely muddy. Each time you would step in the mud, it was really difficult to get your boot out again. The suction made it feel like you had 10 pound weights around your ankles. As usual, I proved to be the cluzy one of the group. People even started referring to my episodes as 'Carla Specials'. At one point, I ended up pulling a Kathleen Turner (like in `Romancing the Stone') when I went flying down the mud and my crtoch ended up inches away from a tree. I lterally almost lost my childbearing capabilities! A few mintues later I grabbed a tree for support and ended up nearly knocking myself unconscious as the tree roots lifted from the mud and the tree fell directly over my head. Luckily, the guy behind me, Alex, was able to help me catch it. After that no one wanted me hiking behind them?????

In the afternoon we went to a local animal refuge run by a Swiss couple. Native animals including Tucans, jaguars and monkeys are surrendered to the shelter. Some had been family pets while others are the orphans of animals killed in the wild.

On the way back to Misahualli we stopped at an indigenous peoples' museum. I was done for the day, so I lounged on a hammock outside the museum. Christobal, one of our local guides, took it as an opportunity to paint my face with a local fruit. Hopefully, it comes off!

In Misahualli we stayed at the same hostal from a few days earlier. Tiffany and I went into "town" to find a local bar. There was really no much around. We sat in a small restaurant, talked with an eight year old in a Spider Man mask and watched the wild monkeys running around. I would not come back here. It{s just too isolated for me with no internet or public phones.

It was Jean's 50th birthday. The French couple made a really nice dinner for the group to celebrate.

Still trying to drum up some pictures.... see my Mancora entry for details

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