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my building is a historical site....kinda reminds me of VA

front door into court yard

going out of stair way B into court yard

dinning room/ living room


dinning/ living/ kitchen


my bed- to left is bathroom door and right is the water...

bathroom door open

yep the tub is tall- I have about 3 inches above my...

sink/ shower

closet/ landing- not really this messy!

view out of apt. into the court yard

just like the pic and thought I would share it!

ok so they are doing some renovations on the side walks in...

they are suppose to be beautifying the neighborhood not tearing it up!

Megan enjoying her hot chocolate

this is where megan does her hair every morning

bed room redone

dinning room_clean for once

entry way

living room

bath tub is sinking....

tanneries ceiling


stair case looking down


These pictures aren't really the best but they show you what the basics of our apartment is like. It's quite big compared to most Parisian apartments so I guess you could say we are lucky, although all the space makes it difficult to heat. Utilities are pretty expensive here so we use the bare minimum...basically that means we are cold all the time. I have high hopes for when the warmer weather comes since most small places that are warm in the winter are probably stifling in the summer. Luckily we have many windows that open up to let in some fresh air and catch whatever breeze there is. It also allows us to be terribly French by cleaning our rugs out of the window, spraying passer-bys with the dirt and dust! The carpet is also interesting. If you can tell we have whicker (like a basket) material for flooring. It is hard and scratchy, and you don't want to get it wet. It could be worse, we could have all tile which would be freezing this time of year the bathroom is hard enough to walk on in the morning (always wear your socks!). The stairs are the only other neat thing about our place (if they can be called that). They are more like a ladder with rope to help you from falling. You definitely can't go fast when going down, but I have to say I am getting quiet good at it. By the end I should be a pro and not need the rope at all! Hopefully I can update these pictures as time goes on...with changes and perhaps better angles.

Ok so the construction out side my apartment is getting out of control. People are locked in their building parking lots, the police have to redirect traffic, and phone lines are accidentally being cut. Pray that it doesn't happen to us! Other than being woken up extremely early while they jack-hammer the road apart, its quite funny to see all the commotion a little sidewalk beautifying project can cause! The construction workers are pretty funny to watch as well...they have unique working habits and no one can do a thing about it because that's the French way.

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