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This was the day we finally moved into Big Blue (the motorhome)full-time. The house closing was still some days away, but living off-site was easier for the final move-out, the cleaning up, and the emotional 'letting go' of all that the house, the land, and the area meant to us. We had a good-sized site at Peter's Pond Campground in Sandwich. This is a very nice facility, but limits RVers with dogs to only one row of sites in the 'high' season. The site we had was too wooded for satellite set-up - we have portable television and internet satellite systems. For internet access, we used the high-speed access offered by the Java Journey, an internet cafe in Sandwich run by a friend, Thomas Martin. Great coffee, food, and comfort!

An early lesson we learned here was not to tie a big dog to the handle mounted on the side of the rig! All it took was one squirrel, and the handle flew out of the mounting as the 'big dog' barreled across the street after the squirrel, knocking down an older man in the process. The man was very gracious (although he must have had some bruises!), we were very embarassed, and the squirrel got away. This was the same dog (Nizhoni, the 1 yr. old German Shepherd) who, a week earlier, had jumped through a second story screen to try and find us (we were at a Going Away Party my sister had for us!) The two cats (The Moth and The Rocket) do not think Nizhoni was a very good addition to our family.)

For full-time life in an RV, we had a lot of decisions about what to bring, what to store, and what to get rid of. We parted with many things that had brought material or emotional comfort over the years, but for various reasons were not right for the new venture. Because we were also transitioning into retirement, we had a change of lifestyle to consider, too. I no longer needed (but still wanted) all my professional books, my personal library, and other treasures. Richard still wanted, but could find no place or rationale for, most of his tools. We had many family laughs (and some tears) over so many of the things that we parted with - so many memories! And, in the end, there are still things we took we probably don't need, and things we parted with that we do. But the most essential things that we need - loving family and friends - are packed safely away in our hearts.

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