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We were up early and went off to see the "World Famous Jetty". It is ... it really is ... the Busselton Jetty is in the Guiness Book of Records as being the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere measuring in at 1.8kms long (1,841 metres). It took 95 years to build which was started in 1865. Busselton used to be a working port and with the reef being so close to the shore and so shallow they had to build the jetty further out. When the port moved to nearby Bunbury in 1972 the wooden jetty deteriorated but was later restored and now a popular tourist attraction as they have built an underwater observatory at the end of the jetty. It costs AUD20.00 pp which we felt was rather expensive but then you are contributing to the jetty's restoration and upkeep!. You can only go by tour into the underwater observatory which takes you 8 metres down and you can watch the water world go by. The soft colourful coral which has made itself at home growing on the jetty pilons were pretty spectacular and the fish swimming around and about. You can see the marine life from eleven viewing windows with the guide giving you all the info on what was what from each etc. We saw a couple of divers passing by aswell ... The jetty is a great place for fisherman aswell.

We then drove the scenic route down the coast to Cape Naturalist. We have just missed the whales but still went for the walk to the lookout to admire the rugged coastline ... although after 10 steps out of the car we nearly decided not to bother BECAUSE OF THE FLIES. There were literally 100's of them buzzing around us - thick and fast. At the lookout one woman was wearing a hat with a net over her head to the shoulders - looks silly but so necessary. The first time I'd seen one and I would have paid big bucks to have it! Michael and I continued to perfect the "WA Wave" flicking our hand in front of our face continually until I saw others using a branch full of leaves so I did the same!

We stopped nearby at Meelup Beach for a peanut butter sandwich (!!) and the view was just spectacular. Real picture postcard stuff with white white sand and blue blue crystal clear sea.

We continued south eventually stopping in Gracetown where we were going to camp out for the next couple of nights. We went down to the beach and visited a few bays but the wind was so strong making it a bit chilly so we didn't get to swim.

(Michael cooked our first 'cooked' meal of Tuna Pasta!!)

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