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Pup from sea lion colony on coast of South Plaza Island














Ground cover `sesuvium'



`Camouflage' land iguana


Marine Iguana



I love the contrast between the red flora and yellow iguanas

Yellow land iguana



Supposedly iguanas can't climb the cacti??

Hybrid Iguana


Swalled-tailed gull... it looks like it's possessed!

The rocky shore of South Plaza is home to a large sea lion colony. Within minutes of climbing out of the boat, I slipped and fell on the rocks since the they were slick from the oils in the sea lions' skins. I can't stop taking pictures of them. I have enough to make my own calender!! They are just such sweet and gentle creatures.

South Plaza was my favourite island due to its unique landscape. The island had sporadic patches of red and gold succulents amongst prickly pear cacti. It has one of the largest populations of land iguanas in the Galapagos. They are everywhere, making it quite easy to step on one! South Plaza is also home to marine iguanas living along the coast and a hybrid iguana whose fathers are marine iguanas and mothers are land iguanas.

Apparently, years ago visitors would bring oranges ashore to feed the iguanas. The fruit soon became a favorite and the iguanas would run to greet new visitors climbing on laps and begging for food. Thankfully, the National Park Service now prohibits bringing food on islands and feeding the animals - as much as I love animals, I don't want an Iguana on my lap!!

Later that afternoon I went snorkelling and swam with a sea tortoise! I can't tell you how grateful I am to have had laser eye surgery last summer! As a side note, if you are interested in getting it done go to Dr. Lin at Pacific Laser Eye Centre. I was difficult to treat since I was farsighted, had an astigmatism and have vision primarily in one eye (I expected to be buried with glasses on!)- but I wasn't at all worried under his care. Since I have worn glasses since I was 14 months old (I should have had them at 6 months) I expected to be buried with them on! To see without them is, for me, a shear miracle. After I had it done I remember saying to my dad that it's absolutely insane that a boob job would have costed more and that I was willing to pay $10K for the surgery. Anyways....

Before dinner the guide returned our passports to us. Ian was sitting beside me when I opened my passport to find a note in Spanish from the guide. After Ian translated it for me, we couldn't stop laughing. Mintues earlier, Wilo had written his email on a board in case we ever wanted to contact him. His email was Wilo (the shark - in spanish) It fit him perfectly since he definately is the predator type! It got me thinking about changing my email address to just joking:)

We had our final dinner together. The food was phenomenal the entire trip. We were truly spoiled with buffets at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cook even went to the trouble of shaping dishes into sea turtles and other animals.

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