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The Iron Horse "Ute" (Utility Vehicle)

The booming metropolis of York

Time for tea

The Dog Cemetery at Corrigin


Aussie outback

Does this remind you of a hippo's mouth?

I'm cracking up!

Science lesson for the day

Example 1

there she is...wave rock!

Surfer dude!

a little country town

one of the many curious signs

Text to come.


Sorry for the delay folks.

Here are some photos of day one of our 5 day tour of SW Australia. The first stop after a wee tea break in York, was the most interesting Working Dog Cemetery near Corrigin. Brian actually had the cheek to ask the tour guide (a Kiwi gal) if she was serious! Yup, it was actually a working dog cemetery that one needed to get permission to use should you have a dog you wanted buried. Most interesting. In the town itself, there was a dog in a Ute on the top of the petrol station. Corrigin's claim to fame was having the world record for the most number of Utes with dogs in them in a line at one time. Such exciting times out here! :-)

Onwards to Hyden to Hippo's Yawn Rock and of course, Wave rock. Now these sights were spectactular! We arrived right at the hottest part of the day and boy did we feel it! Unlike Asia (humid hot), sweat evaporated off us before we could feel its benefits. Mervyn had been away on work to Kagoorlie to one of the nickle mines in the area where he had 50oC temperatures. We felt like we were there too!

It had been a full day on the dusty red roads taking in the flat rather brownish prairie like landscape by the time we reached the coastal town of Esperance. Dinner and bed felt good.

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