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swimming with dolphins

View of Kaikoura

The beach at Kaikoura

swimming with dolphins




We arrived in Kaikoura yesterday after leaving Renwick. Kaikoura is a little seaside town on the East Coast of the South Island. It is famous for its dolphins, whales, albatros and other sea mammals and birds. So, a visit to Kaikoura would most certainly not be complete without swimming with dolphins.

After suiting and booting us in those 'oh so lovely' wetsuits, we went out in the boat for about 3/4 of an hour. The previous tour had spied a pod of dolphins heading South, so we were aiming for those. We were in luck, we certainly found them and there were 200 - 300 of them.

As I was sitting on the back of the boat awaiting the go ahead to enter the water I just looked over at them. The water was just moving with them as they glided in and out of the waves and leapt about. I was a little overcome with emotion at the sight and knowledge that I would be joining them any moment.

Whilst swimming around they would swim about you, under you, next to you then move on. They moved fast and at times there were 5 or 6 directly beneath me and very close. They are so beautiful and amazing and this experience is definitely a major highlight of my trip thus far!

Unfortunately the photos aren't great because they move so fast!

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