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Yesterday was rather cloudy and it started to rain on us while we were at the beach. I woke up today in my cabaña as the sun was rising in a clear sky. Marco and I were up first, we were sharing a cabaña. He and I had some breakfast and then jumped in the ocean a few times and walked down the beach. The cabaña place was pretty funny...offering massages and yoga on the beach, a native american sweat lodge, and clothing was optional.

As soon as Riccardo and Davide were awake we packed, checked out, and got cab to the city city of Tulum (as opposed to the strip of cabaña hotels right on the beach). Last night when we were in town having dinner we found another hotel with an almost perfect room for us, and made a reservation. It was nice to check out and head into town, already knowing where we wre going to be sleeping that night. The instant that we dropped our bags in our room, we ran out the door headding for the beach now that the sun was in full effect.

We spent about four and a half hours at the beach, swimming in the waters of the carribian, laying in the sun, and drinking a few beers at a shaded beach bar that was playing great music. Then we headed back to the hotel to get shower and prepare to go out to dinner. It is funny, it is quite obvious that Italian´s lives and scheduals revolve around thier dinner. That is fine with me. We spent a couple of hours at the restaurant having dinner, and Davide headed to bed.

Marco, Riccardo, and I still wanted to go out, dancing in a discotecha or something. As we wandered up the street Marco had the bright idea of jumping in a taxi and asking the driver where the party was at. This resulted in an eight dollar cab ride to several vacant places and the we were dropped off exactly where he picked us up.

We walked up the street and saw a place whose sign said Night Club Caberet. We headed inside, and of course it was a strip club. We were seated and felt obligated to order a drink. Three (disgusting) girls were escorted over to us and sat on our laps. The three of us guys looked at each other laughing uncomfortably. I attempted to tell ¨my girl¨ that she was so grande that I could no longer feel my legs, but when that didn´t work I told her that we had been looking for a discotecha and planned to leave. She pretended to cry but she told the other two girls and they left us. We nearly ran out the door! hahaha

We did end up finding a great place with live music and a lot of locals and young backpackers. We danced until very late and then headed to our hotel, Hotelito, to get some rest, with visions of seeing the beach side Mayan ruins tomorrow.

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