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More typical outback countryside

Back in Cook - read this sign outside the hospital!

We really are in the middle of nowhere!

Our home for a few days!

The sun setting over the plain

We got the Indian Pacific train Wednesday morning from Perth to Adelaide which took a few hours short of 2 days. Despite having sleeping tablets they didnt work that well and did wake up quite a few times! The first night I slept on the floor and as my legs were poking out got kicked quite a lot in the night! The second night we swapped but was really squashed up on the chairs so wasnt much fun! Oh well, another experience.

We stopped again in Cook where it was 46'c! Shortly before the air-con packed up on the train from the heat and kept doing so intermittently after that as the outside temperature was 52'c in some parts across the desert!

Felt like we literally got cooked in Cook! The heat was so intense and when we got back on the train, plus with the air-con not working, we were literally dripping for about half hour!!!

Had an annoying 191kg man on the chair (well, Chairs) next to us who was very strange and kept talking to us. He had a business plan of selling Mango trees with strawberry bushes in the bottom with a white fluffy dog - all for $500. Apparantly just what parents would want to buy their little girls!! Hmmmm im yet to be convinced! A Mango tree??!!!!!!

We arrived in Adelaide friday about 7.20am and I felt exhausted!

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