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Well, how about that

Well, how about that--I sent out 6 photos with my last message and it doesn't look as tho they got to you. I don't have my camera with me, I shall try again the next dispatch.

Did I tell you that we were suppose to go to Natal, Brazil, but we had to pass it up because the harbor was too shallow for the ship. So o o, no report on Natal. In Recife we got a free tour--You know what Great-Grandma Hulac used to say: "for free, take; for pay forget." And remember you get what you pay for. Our travel agent is a fellow of an organization that is called "Virtuoso Travel Club" and this club is giving us four free tours.

Lucky us, the tour took us to a park in Recife. Amazing tree there. The trunk must have been 8 foot in diameter. Guide didn't give us a name for it but said it was native of Senegal. Really a giant. Not tall like a redwood, but you should forgive the discription, it is fat.

Then we visited 3 cathedrals--and you know how Daddy loves visiting churches. So we stayed on the bus, or visited the venders around the churches. After that we went to lunch at a patio restaurant. On the way (we walked from the last church to the restaurant) We were accompanied by a Mardi Gras parade, complete with costumes, ear bending music and streamers. The dancing was spectacular. They came right into the restaurant w/us and entertained for a long time.

Unfortunately, we didn't get lunch until 2:pm and my blood sugar dropped out of sight.

So I wasn't in the best of moods. I guess I was sheet white and tippy. Fortunately, I was able to get some juice, some orange sections and a fruit punch--heavy w/vodka. As Lee says--Vodka cures everything. The sugar did help.

Last night we had a Amazon dinner here on ship.--The head waiters wore tail coats that were white and covered completely with silver sequins--a dazzling sight.

Tai Chi is coming along. We have an hour every sea day at 9 am and a practice of half hour in the afternoon. Who ever told me Tai Chi is a gentle exercise?? They were wrong, as both Lee and I have sore places in our body.

All for now--Fran


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