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The Tallest Kauri Tree in NZ


Dom: I get excited just thinking about what we saw in Waipoua Forest. It's not because I was a tree surgeon either, I think anyone would have been blown away by these guys.

It was a crappy drive to this out of the way sanctuary but worth it. We actually made a bit of a mistake in going to see the 'Father of the Forest' first. The 20minute walk to see the Father took us through a forest with many Kauri trees of incredible size. Each time we passed an extra big one we'd wonder aloud whether this was the Father, but then we turned a corner... and i had to catch my breathe. C was equally amazed. I actually thought to myself, 'yep it's massive, but it's not actually a tree, right?' Unfortunately (or fortunately) the tree is cordoned off to protect it, so any pictures you see don't convey the size. But if you look at the climber that disappears up the left hand side of the tree, you could wrap your arms around it with only your hands overlapping. Hope that helps! If not this might: girth over 16 metres, diameter 5-6 metres.

After this giant all the other trees, although enormous, seemed inferior, but you get an idea of the size of them with the Yukas tree.

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