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Dom:'s actually hard for me to remember what we've done sometimes. This is not because it's all becoming so mundane that it doesn't stand out anymore but more likely, because we move around a lot and things happen quickly.

Waitomo is famous for the abundance of 'glow worm' caves in the area. Glow-worm is actually a tourist-friendly word for maggot. That's what this little guys are. Our guide dropped this bombshell on us as we all lay back in the dark admiring the star-like constellations above us. My immediate reaction was to close my mouth. For some reason the idea of a worm falling into my mouth did not bother me but a maggot... well that's different. These little fellows glow because they have no bum. That needs explaining. They have to get rid of their waste in some other way to our own enjoyable poo, so a chemical reaction takes place which turns the waste into the glow. Unlike our normal lightbulbs which are only 40% efficient (i think) these guys give off a 98% efficient light that creates light but virtually no heat. See, nature always does it better.

To get down to this 30m deep cave Crystal, Lucy, Will and I abseiled in. It was great fun dropping into the deep, dark gorge. Then we cruised down the underground stream on rubber rings. A bit of caving in between and then the way back up to daylight was a rock climb. We all had a great time. Worth the money.

As part of our ticket to 'Rap, Rock, Raft' in the cave we also got free entry to The Cave Museum. 'Wow', i thought, a cave museum, what would you put in a cave museum. To say i was curious was an understatement. It was a geological history of the area. A cheap trick really, the kids will see the 'Museum of Caves' and beg their parents for a look at a cost of $50 or so. We got in free though.

This was where we parted company with Lucy and Will. It had been great to spend a few days with them.

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