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Mt Ngauruhoe







The Emerald Lakes










The 3 Volcanoes (snow capped Mt Ruapehu in the distance)






The End!

Crystal: After Rotorua we drove back to Taupo to tackle the Tongariro crossing, a one day hike regarded as the finest in New Zealand. We had to come back for it as when we were in Taupo the Weather on the mountain was awful and we wouldn't have seen a thing. Sounds familiar..

So we came back down and met up with Will and Lucy again for a very long walk. The walk takes you through/over two of the three Volcanoes in the area, Mount Tongaririo and Mt Ngauruhoe. The third, Mt Ruapehu could be seen in the distance. This volcanoe is still very active and some of you may have heard of it's eruptions in both 95 and 96. People actually ski on the side of this volcano, it is in fact the largest ski field in the Southern Hemisphere and these eruptions completely wrote of those Ski Seasons. The pictures and the videos we have seen are just amazing.

Although mostly a pleasant hike, there was a killer steep section an hour in to get up to the Red Crater, they aptly named this the Devils staircase. As the guys powered up it, Lucy and I thought it might kill us, but we made it in good time. You wouldn't do it twice anyway! It's amazing how many old/retired people battle this climb. They're so hardcore.

It was all worth it though, we were lucky at last for a beautiful day and the views were just magnificent. At the top of the climb were the craters and the Emerald Lakes - I have never seen such clear, turqouise blue water. The scenery took our breath away.

Well what comes up must go down and the stakes were high as we all tried to keep our footing and stay on the track, (rather than inside the Volcanoes)as first to fall of course buys the beers.

I think I speak on behalf of all of us that we had a great day. The walk took us around 6 and a half hours I think. The fastest anyone has done it, including the killer 45 minute climb, was around 1 hour 45 minutes. I just can't believe that. I don't in fact.

Dom: This was a great day out. C is right, it was impressive to see kids and old-timers walking the walk. The day after we did the crossing a lady broke her leg on the Devil's Haircut, and someone died up there the other day too! Not just a walk in the National Park.

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