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As it turns out, the same day that I got stuck on a second class bus to Piste, my three Italian friends got stuck on one also. So we both learned the same lesson, only travel first class (the ticket price is only a couple of dollars difference if that). When we were at Chichen Itza, Marco checked the bus schedual and found out that a first class bus to Tulum stopped there at 8am. So we got up very early and backpacked the 2 KM to Chichen Itza. The place was closed and the parking lot empty. We were the only souls standing in an empty parking lot next to a sign that said bus station. We started to get worried at around 8:30, but finally it arrived. We traveled in comfortable air conditioning for two hours and arived easily in Tulum.

Before I left the show, our craft service girl who was a local, gave me some tips on places to stay along my journeys. She wrote down two places in Tulum, both cabaña hotels. Once we had arrived, we hopped in a cab to one of these places, Cabañas Copal. We went into the fron desk and found out that a cabaña for four would cost US$70 a night. We thought it a bit steep, but decided to check it out. As it turned out a cabaña for four had only 2 queen beds. It was very romantic, but are friends, but we didn´t really want to start sleeping together (ha ha). Over the course of the next two and a half hours we walked up and down the street checking out the other cabaña hotels, and everywhere the same thing.

We decided to get one at the first place we had gone to and attempt to find another hotel the next day. We walked into our small cabaña with all of our large backpacks and quickly realized that we would not be able to pull this off. We purchased another cabaña for the night and enjoyed the luxury of our own queen beds. We spent some time on the beach and went into town for dinner. Then we returned for a good nights sleep.

To all my friends and family who have wished me a good trip, know that I am having the time of my life. I feel so free, being able to plan on going to one city one minute and then changing my plans on a whim. I can not wait to share some pictures with you of the beautiful places that I have visited.

Much more to come....


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