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I made it. The journey was far more easier than getting to Asia. It only took me about 14 hours, including a 3 hour layover in Houston. Not bad.

On the way over I read, "Date Like a Man". Very interesting.... `The pair and a spare' recommendation is quite a concept. What made me smile is that this kind of thinking is supposed to be "revolutionary", but it's the exact advice my mother gave me when I was a teenager! She literally could have written that book. At the time, I thought her advice was ridiculous since in the late 80's that was the fastest way to get a reputation (even if nothing improper occurred). Boy, things have really changed.

Anyways, back at the ranch...

It's summer in Quito, but you would never guess it. When I walked outside the airport I was expecting that suffocating, hot, humid heat, but it was only 10 degrees! Supposedly, this is the worst summer Quito has ever had.

I wandered around town a bit this morning. Quito reminds me a lot of Mexico City - few tourists, eye-burning pollution, and not too many speak people English. One thing I really love is when a country is behind the times when it comes to music. I know 80's music sucks, but I love it!

Tomorrow I'm off to the Galapagos. After reading the information left for me by GAP Adventures, I learned that there were only two other people besides me on the tour - two men with the same last name. They would either be brothers or a father-son team. If they ended up being two cute brothers I could deal with that, but with my luck it will be a father-son team. Okay, I adore my dad and it's not unlikely that I would travel with him at some point in the future. But who brings their dad on tour filled with 30-40 year olds? Talk about cramping your style!

Later that night, I saw a lone guy, an Australian named Ian, in the lobby and learned that we were in the same group and he was in fact travelling with his dad. Just my luck! Being an optimist, I reasoned that at least I would get the opportunity to get a lot of studying done for a board I'm competing on!!!

Later a representative from GAP met up with Ian and I. To my relief, I learned that we would be meeting up with a bunch of other people who were already in the Galapagos! I did a happy dance in my head:)

Over and out...

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