Ken and Reeganne do INDIA 2005-2006 travel blog

We returned to Mumbai (Bombay) and our favourite Indian restaurant - wondering what the criteria could be?? They serve a beautiful Beef Tenderloin... Its called Indigo and the food is actually really good - I managed to dine there twice and not even sample the beef. Anyway - if any of you are ever in town....

You know, on every trip we take there is a moment when Ken and I have an almost completely serious conversation about the possibility of moving to this new country. We have staked out cities in Portugal, Peru, and even Northern Thailand - this did not happen in India. Now don't read this wrong - we have found those same beautiful and peaceful spots but we have also stopped in many a small - 'pass through' village where they stopped and stared at us - but even worse - had absolutey no idea what Coca Cola is. Ok, no I didn't say that they didn't carry any - they actually had no idea what we were talking about. This is absolutely a Pepsi Nation and Ken just thinks that this is sacrilegious! It was also a little freaky to stop in these towns as the people were so curious of us that they would come us and stare and touch.

I also forgot to tell you the names of our Camels.

Mine was Fergie (from the Black Eyed Peas) my hump, my hump, my hump

and Ken's was Gillie. He said that although she smelled a little funny, and was a little wild she was the best ride he had in the desert! .... sorry :-) I have to let him contribute sometimes.

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