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At the start of the first walk, Senda Pampa Alta

Welcome to the track of "El Tren del Fin de Mundo"

The path then went further uphill into the woods

Where we got lost before being saved by this stream

The Senda Costera walk was a lot better signposted however

You also can't miss the fact that the coastal path takes you...

Sarah in a snowstorm by the sea

Check out the snow/shoreline

So who does this island belong to then ?

Follow the yellow pegged road

It was nice to walk along some beaches

Which gave us a chance to collect some shells

And creep up on some of the local Steamer Geese

Back inland, Lago Roca, our journey's end and bus pick-up point

The next day we awoke to a cloud filled & snowy sky. Confident that the weather forecast was correct, we went for a day's walk/trek in Parque Nacional Terria del Fuego. We first tried to do the Senda Pampa Alta 5km walk up to a hill passing a beaver dam (the little loggers were asleep though) which would then link up with the Senda Costera 8 km walk along the coast of the Beagle Channel to Lago Roca.

We managed to do the second walk with no problems but the first was a different story - a combination of snow, lack of signs and poor map reading took us up a road that turned out to be a dead end. We got back to where we started by following a stream and doing a bit of off-roading. Even though we sort of got lost it was still fun to tred on untrodden snow.

The second walk was also really great but exhausting and took us up and down hills and cliffs along the coast and past shell mounds on beaches, left by the once alive indigenous peoples the Yamana. The strangest thing though was to be walking along a beach where the snow goes right down to the shoreline.

On this walk we also saw an actual calafate berry bush, unfortunately not in season though. Local legend says that if you eat berries from this bush that you are sure to return to Patagonia. We can vouch for this being true as we ate calafate jam when we were in Chilean Patagonia in May. Look at us, we're back !

The weather forecast was wrong of course, it snowed all day.

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