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Fluffy ears of the giant red squirrel in the crown of the...

The squirrel above the nuts s/he had been eating - note the...

Coconut with bottom eaten out

The squirrel lookat at us looking at her/him

The hole chewed by the squirrel. The sound of them chomping a...

Di and our hosts

The girls in the kitchen admiring themselves from Win's polaroid

The boys having a laugh

One last big Indian Breakfast and the kitchen was bussing. Shot off the last roll of Polaroid film of the cooks and gave out photos. The aromas in that kitchen were enticing - they just flooded the senses and the blazing burners and colours of the food was just Goan.

We slowly packed, paid the bills, read the books on Eco Tourism and my poetry book and Fernando drove us to the airport.

We had along wait and I spent the last of our local currency on lunch a dry prawn curry which was really good- this must be the best airport food in the world. Realised I left my poetry book behind so will have to write to try to get it send.

We did the Goan square dance getting onto the plane...Go to Gate 1a at one end of the building. Wait a while, chaschay around your partner then swing her back go toGate 2 at the other end of the building.. then promenade her back to Gate 1a again which we'll call home.. The people were very accepting of the muck up and just shrugged their shoulders.

Jet was another excellent flight to Mumbai.

At Mumbai coming off the plan we meet an elderly vivacious Goan woman, probably a little older than us- so not too old, who said that she was retired in Goa. She said she had spend 30 plus years working for the Portuguese high commission in Lisbon and her two last postings were in Geneva and Bern and did not relish the though of retiring in Europe so returned to Goa. It is a perfect place to retire. On my income I she can tour six months of the years visiting friends and I employ two people to help in the house and live a comfortable life - more comfortable than I would in Europe... We thought it was a great idea. Fernando said they have relaxed the ownership rules in Goa and anyone can now purchase a property and live in the state.

The flight to Sydney was delayed. Di spend the remains of the US currency on scarves and then we were finally off. There was ample seating and Di got three seat to lie out so had a good rest. I sat up and couldn't sleep.

Arrive Sydney and felt disappointed that it was all over. Picked up a later flight to Brisbane and Kim picked us up and drove us home and Di organised Nicky and the kids and Kim Andrew and the kids and a take-away meal of fish and chips for dinner.. I had Indian food withdrawal symptoms and had to put chilly on the fish.

I have one last letter to send out to all of you who have followed the journey, which I wrote, at the Spice Garden but unfortunately it is still in the Apple which got dropped and the screen is cactus so it will be some time before I can get it out.

That will be my parting comment on the most fantastic country and people.

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