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Waiting for the ferry to take us to the island of Lombok

Dinner at our guide Posan's house in Lombok

Many many children from the village came to check out the "foreigner's...

Lombok fisherman

Lombok wedding procession

Santo with Posan's baby boy

Washing up in the waterway

View of Lombok's volcano from our hotel

Crossing a bambo bridge (!) in Lombok's national park

The amazing natural waterfall

Going for a quick dip...the water was absolutely freezing

Making their way up the side of the wall

Drying off to make our way back through the park

Making the long journay with the bails of grass for the village...

Rice farming terraces

View into the valley of Lombok's national park

Looking up at the mountains

Visiting the "House of 1000 flowers"

Driving through a village

Visiting a traditional Lombok village (no electricity and homes made out of...


Similar to Bali in size and population, Lombok is a beautiful island that is relatively untouched by tourism. Primarily Muslim, this island also differs from the Hindu Bali and helps to make up the 90% of Indonesia that is Muslim (of note: Indonesia contains the largest concentration of Muslim people, and is the fourth most populated country in the world). With a one night stopover in Lombok, we had the great pleasure of meeting with Posan's (our Indonesian guide) family in a somewhat remote village and having a proper Indonesian meal. Having beeen made aware of the arrival of foreigner's, we were also joined by all the children in the village, eager to meet us...or perhaps just stare in awe.

The folling day we took a short hike through Monkey Forest to check out a beautiful waterfall and spent the rest of the day driving through the scenic mountains and national park of the island, while making occasional stops along the way to take in the amazing scenery (this ranged from monkey's on the side of the road, to the 1000 flower garden).

Our day ended with a final boat ride (think glorified row boat) to Gili Trawangan. Unlike most scheduled island ferry's, this boat only departed when it had enough people to make the trip worthwhile or when the "captain" felt like going. Needless to say, being the first 4 of the 15 required for a full boat, it was in our best interests to get comfortable.

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