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The fish & pelican reliefs

Some sort of animal?

Fish net corridors

Close up of fish net architecture

Oasis in the middle of the sands

Funerary tomb

The walls of Chan Chan

Just one of many long corridors

Sacred niches

The totara reed boats and the pier

A morning of Chimu culture sightseeing in the form of the Chan Chan ruins. We met up with a dude in our hostel who wanted to check out the ruins too and went to the Tschudi complex the only restored part of the massive Chan Chan ruins.

The sight is another adobe structure where mud bricks and mortar create huge walls which blend into the natural surroundings. A fascinating place where water cults seemed to have been in force as reliefs carved into the walls depict fish, pelicans and fishing nets. A huge structure complete with funerary tombs, niched cut walls, ceremonial plazas and rows upon rows of corridors. Quite something in the middle of sand covered plains.

After Chan Chan we intended on visiting the museum but it was closed due to a national holiday and so the only thing to do on a scorching hot day was hit the beach in readiness for a hard night on the booze celebrating the dawn of a new year up here in northern Peru.

We hope everybody has a great New Year although as we write this some already have. To all those back home we celebrate some six hours after you guys so as you are starting to sleep off poorly heads we will be in the middle of the action.

Happy New Year and here is to a great 2006.

Day 317 complete

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