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We've spent the last two nights in Hanmer Springs, a really lovely, if touristy, thermal springs town in the mountains near Lewis Pass. Mike and Sam and Graham went golfing yesterday (don't ask Mike how it went, though). Graham missed a hole-in-one by 9 inches. His second game ever.

I spent the afternoon hiking in the hills surrounding the town, Conical Hill track to the fabulous view at the top, then took the Maruja and Woodland trails back, though I didn't really know where I would end up, but luckily they made them idiot-proof, and I ended up back in town behind some houses.

This morning, before heading off for Christchurch, we will try the thermal pools.

Our hotel in Hanmer Springs was Drifters Inn, a really nice-looking hotel clad in rusty gneiss, with a fabulous fireplace. Breakfast included, nice clean but non-descript rooms for $155. The highlight? The delicious brewed coffee...

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