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Our final day in Lima was spent doing very little other than visiting the Museo de la Nacion. As the name suggests this museum covers all aspects of the nation including the different civilisations, ceramics, art etc. It must be the most ugly museum building in the world, a mish-mash of concrete which was originally a ministry building. Really quite a monstrosity. Fortunately inside was a different story and we spent two hours being guided around the wonderful sights of the museum. At least this national museum made up for all the poor attempts in Cusco.

On returning to Miraflores we didn't quite know what to do. After munching through a large pizza, we sat in the park and walked around for a few hours before watching a chick flick. By the time we left the cinema is was time to head for the bus which would take us out of the capital, north to Trujillo. A taxi ride through Lima at night wasn't the most enjoyable experience of our lives and we were glad when the bus left the terminal and the smog ridden capital.

Day 314 complete

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