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A box full of x-mas goodies

The lone decoration on our x-mas palm tree

Us and our prezzies under the tree

Ready to feast!

Thanks for the x-mas crackers mom

Our Christmas home

Our Christmas home


For Christmas day we wanted to treat ourselves to a place a bit nicer than we had been used to. We caught a boat from the main island that we were on to a very small island called Nananu-i-ra. We checked into a nice room that was equipped with a private bathroom (quite a treat for us) and a small kitchenette. It was great!

We had two days of nothing but relaxing on the beach, sipping cold drinks and soaking up the sun. We snorkeled quite a bit and the restaurant at our resort gave us bread to feed to the fish so you could watch a veritable feeding frenzy while you were under water. It was amazing! I don't imagine that I will get much sympathy from people at home, but I have actually developed a small hole in the rubber part of my mask (it has never seen this much use before)!

On Christmas day we woke up early to open the gifts that we had (thanks to Ryan's Mom). We sat under a palm tree which we had hung our one Christmas ornament on (Thank you Glenda) and relished the heat. We had traded snow for sand, sleigh bells for boat motors, and mistletoe for hibiscus flowers, and we think that we did alright. The resort tried to host a Christmas dinner for all of the guests, but since there weren't very many of us, it didn't quite capture the Christmas spirit that we were used to at home. They made a pretty good pumpkin pie though, so we didn't complain.

- Christine and Ryan

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