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Lucy,Stacey and me on Christmas Eve

Stacey taking it easy!

Steve, STacey and me . .Christmas Eve by the beach

Christmas Eve by the beach

Steve and Neil in mine and Lucy's shirts.. intersting drinking game!

Me Christmas morning.. after opening the parcel from my family!

Christmas Breakfast!

Stacey,Me,Steve,Lucy and Neil, Christmas day in the pool

Dont ask! Christmas Day

Christmas Day, Stacey and me poolside

Chicken Wars in the pool Christmas Day

Me by the pool

Me on the beach Christmas Day (actually getting cloudy, but still warm!)

Christmas Day, beer and a santa hat!

Jack our BBQ chef and Stacey

Our tequila mixer Shirly!!

Rob taking one of Shirly's shots!

Matt, Rob and Roz on the beach Christmas Day

Alma eating my Grandmas shortbread! (and steve in the background)

Well Christmas in Australia has come and gone! Turned out to not be as hard as I thought it would be, partly I think because it just didnt feel like Christmas! Too hot, to weird, I dunno made it better though! Although when I got to Byron I had a parcel from my mom, grandma and grandpa, and cards from all my aunts,uncles and cousins and a card from my friend Lori in Edmonton, so that was SO nice. I waited until Christmas morning to open them all, and was even so pleasently supprised to see my grandma had put a stocking in and everything!!! It was so sweet. She sent me some of her amazing shortbread cookies and nuts and bolts among other stuff. And my Grandpa even put in some hockey magazines for me(the first thing that made me cry and blubber "i miss hockey" as everyone is my room laughed at me!) Anyways it was all very nice and thanks to all my family for thinking of me way over here!! =) Then Stacey, Neil, Lucy and I made a really good breakfast and had some oj and champange and then the drinking started! We spent the day in the pool and the beach having some drinks and then had a BBQ that night. All in all it was a great day!! Nice being able to wear your bathing suit all day Christmas!! Since of the time change Christmas was a day earlier for me so I called my family on Boxing Day when they were getting ready for Christmas dinner. That was the first time I actually got really upset. I talked to my mom, Sam and my grandpa first and that was just too much!! But it was really nice to talk to all my family. Other than that we have just been chillin in Byron again. Nice to be back and see everyone. Even the two guys we hungout with all the time before are back, Steve and Neil. Although Steve left yesterday for Sydney. And Alma is still here although she finally moved out of the hostel to an apartment yesterday. We went and saw "Narnia" last night, I really liked it, also saw the new Harry Potter and King Kong, I thought both were really well done, King Kong even made me cry! haha

Anyways now its almost time for new years, we are not totally sure what we are doing yet but something good I am sure.

I will write again after New Years .. 2006!! Have a great new years everyone! And thanks to all those that sent me a christmas email!! as for all those of you who didnt... jk i still love ya!

XXOO Ash =)

Oh and I have to say my Edmonton Oilers are kicking some serious ASS!!! I can't believe i am missing it, its killing me!! I am cheering over here though, and even listening to games on the internet whenever I can! My friends here think i'm nuts! haha but only real Canadian Hockey fans would understand how hard it is !!

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