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Christmas lunch. Complete with toxic pigs in blankets

Well Happy Christmas folks or as they say in this part of the world Feliz Navidad.

Unfortunately the bug which hit me yesterday had me knocked down for most of today so for Danny Green his first Christmas away from home wasn't the most enjoyable. In fact I could only manage half of my dinner which just goes to show the state of my health.

We went to 'The Real McCoy' for our Christmas experience and sat down down to a lovely meal, crackers, party hats and Christmas tunes. It was pretty good, but apart from our table of 5 only 10 other people turned up and they had to have the least Christmas spirit ever. In fact I was louder than them amd I was ill! Some people hey. Still we managed to enjoy ourselves.

After dinner we sat in the plaza and watched the day go by before sitting down to a rather shoddy copy of King Kong at the 'cinema'. After watching the latest Peter Jackson materpiece, Anna went out and met up with some friends from spanish school but by this point I was about to drop, so had to return to my bed.

So all in all a pretty crappy Christmas for Danny while Anna fared a bit better and made more of a show of it.

Hope everybody had a good Christmas, free of bugs.

Day 311 complete

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