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Pulling up to the "locals" hang out spot

My VERY excited wife having her first kangaroo pet!

Everyone loves a little scratch behing the ears.

This marsupial is less then impressed with a blade of grass ):

Very cute little buggers.

Oh look, Jonas eating more junk food with a freaky look on...

Best donuts in OZ!

Jonas' Log:

Merimbula was about a 5 hour drive from Melbourne and turned out to be a really nice place to stop. First of all, we found "the best donuts in OZ" on the way up the coast. Nevermind the fact it was like 102 degrees, there's always room for piping hot donuts and a cup of coffee (:

After arriving in Merimbula we were given the location of where the "locals" hang out, besides bouncing all over the local golf course, they like to hang out at the park next to the beach! We were a little timid at first, not getting too close. I think we've heard too many "boxing" kangaroo stories or something. Fortunately, two 8-year olds just walked up to one and gave it a little pet and it didn't seem to mind so we hopped the fence and started fraternizing with them (BTW, another good reason to have kids, for those "unknown risk" assessment type situations...). They turned out to be really friendly, mostly looking for a good bite to eat though.

The next day we went to Wollongong and spent the night. In the morning I took Luna to the airport so she could start a 7-day "Outback" trip to the center of Australia. I'll let her fill you in on that. I then drove 2 hours North to Newcastle where I hooked up with the local hang gliding instructor/tandem pilot and was able to get a glider and have some great coastal flights! My dream was to go 4-hours inland to a town named Manilla where there is really good XC flying. It's actually where this year's Paraglider World competitions are going to be! Unfortunately, most of the pilots go from Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) until Jan first or second, so I could not get a ride ):

I really miss Luna a lot now, we have not spoken for almost a week now (she is REALLY out in The Bush!) but should be able to call me tomorrow (: I pick her up from the Sydney airport on Friday and then we'll begin the drive up to Byron Bay, just South of Brisbane! That's all for now,

Love, Jonas and Luna

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