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Time toleave the valley

Me & main man Amer

So the last day of this incredible adventure arrived. Another 5'am start to avoid the heat of the day and the last bit of cooking on my stove.

The walk back took about 5 hours but thankfully it didn't rival the previous two days for difficulty. Sure it was hard, but by now I know what 'difficult' is.

Fortunately for the major climb of the day the mist lingered and cooled us down which was welcome relief as the sun was trying to burn through. After this last zig-zag climb (I gave up counting) the track leveled out and the walk back to Cachora although tiring was easy compared to what we had experienced previously.

Come 11am and we arrived back at the small town of Cachora where we had started 3 days ago. I said my goodbyes to my brilliant guide Amer and mules, caught a collectivo to the main road and got on a bus back to busy Cusco.

64 k's of trail completed, and relief and jubilation at what I had just achieved. I found out about the ruins of Choququirau on the net a few months ago in Australia and it was then I knew this challenge was for me. Well I had done it. A brilliant experience which relatively few have done. In the four days I only saw 10 other trekkers on the trail which made it all the more worthwile. Mass tourism has not hit yet and in some ways I hope it stays that way.

These four days have been some of the best and hardest of my life. The trail was to be quite honest a monster and even though I think I am quite fit it sure showed me a thing or two. But for the jewel at the end of the the first 32k's it was more than worth it and will be something I never forget. What an experience, what a place.

Day 308 complete

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