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Maori food store

Carving school

Bubbling mud - meant to take 10 years off you!

Oh so that's what they mean by New Zealand geezer!

Half naked men

More mud


New Zealand disco

Typical NZ male


Mmmm can't wait til tea time

Hangi - spot the difference

More naked men

Welcome - New Zealand style

Welcome - New Zealand style - ladies turn

Bright and early start, due to breakfast only being served between 8.00 a.m and 8.30 a.m. Gill, the proprietress, was in fine form, loudly announcing her views on global events. She was accompanied by her pet parrot which kept screeching in Jaz's ear - the decibels were above those recommend as safe in the H&S manuals (and we're not just talking about the parrot).

After breakfast we visited the Te Puia complex. Lots of geysers, boiling mud and Maoris. We were given a guided tour and saw a contemporary Maori concert. We also visited the kiwi house.

In the evening we went into Maori culture overload and went to another Maori concert (lots of men in loincloths and tattoos). After the concert, which was quite spectacular (it's a wonder Captain Kirk (sorry, Cook) didn't die of fright when first encountering the Haka), we had our first experience of traditional Maori cooking - hungi.

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