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I had to wait around a bit this morning for my laundry to be done, and then I got a free shuttle bus ride from the guesthouse back to the bus station. I don't usually like taking 1st class transport when I'm travelling (going with the locals is always much more fun), but the next bus to leave was 1st class and I'd have to wait another hour and a half for the next 2nd class one, so I didn't have much of a choice. There didn't end up being a whole lot of difference between the two anyway, as it was still mostly locals. There was a bit more leg room though, and a hostess who served the sweetest drinks and snacks on the planet. Oh and a bathroom on board was another big plus! It was still a very LONG 10 and 1/2 hour drive back down to Bangkok though, made even longer by the fact that once it gets dark outside there are no lights to read or write or do anything. You're stuck from about 6:30pm onwards with either watching the Thai sitcom they have playing, or looking out the window and listening to music....pretty boring to say the least.

Arriving in Bangkok around 1am I figured I'd check out the infamous Khao San road for some accomodation. This is the backpackers mecca in Bangkok, the cheapest accomodation you'll find, and it was made even more famous when Leonardo di Caprio's character stayed here in the movie "The Beach" (it's where he first got the map to get to the beach). Ariving at 1am on a Friday night was a bit full on, as the street was absolutely chockers with drunk backpackers, old gringos with their young Thai girlfriends, and a sprinkling of Thai prostitutes thrown in for good measure. I found myself a cheap room for 150 baht, which was little more than a box with a small window, fan, and a bed that felt suspiciously like it was completely missing the mattress. Oh well, I was so tired, I couldn't have cared less!

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